Bereve is an independent brand of Haute Horlogerie, which fosters all the values of the Swiss watchmaking art. The handcraft of the dials and the manufacturing of all the components reveal the high quality of its 100% Swiss Made timepieces. The company has long experience in designing and making dials with the “Grand Feu” technique (including Champlevé, Coisonné, Plique Jour, Miniature). Bereve combines different techniques, such as Micromosaic in spun enamel, with the most precious and unique decorative stones and minerals in the world. This fifty-year-old savoir-faire enabled the company to enhance its creativity and go beyond the limits of regular handcrafting techniques.

The manufacturing of our handcrafted dials is one of the most complex in the history of horology. The use of fire gives uniqueness and exclusivity to each component of our art timepieces. Every timepiece is numbered in a limited series. Our production aims at creating luxury goods, that is why it benefits from the collaboration with the most prestigious Swiss manufacturers. Bereve stands out in its field for the great craftsmanship of its timepieces. Our company is committed to combining ancient techniques with state-of-the-art technologies. The Grand Feu enamel technique is our distinctive trait, and it is therefore the focal point of our design. It takes weeks of work to carry out each single project and to harmonize all the components of our dials.

Once the details and the colours are set, every single dial takes many days of work to be finalized. It might take time, but the result is unique and exclusive! In the field of Haute Horlogerie, not many watchmakers use Grand Feu fired enamel. The enamel is melted at a temperature between 730 and 900 degrees Celsius, which is almost the melting point of the two metals our dials are composed of: fine silver and 24K gold. We use 100% SWISS MADE movements, shaped according to our needs, all made possible thanks to the partnerships we have with some of the most important Swiss manufacturers. We also collaborate with some of the greatest Swiss watchmakers Masters. We can guarantee international assistance for our customers, thanks to the use of a calibre based on Vaucher movements, which are all designed, assembled and quality tested in Switzerland. Our timepieces are the expression of our cutting-edge view on modern horology, and display an outstanding balance between the use of luxury raw materials, unique handcrafting techniques and design.

Bereve aims at connecting art, technology, and modern horology. Every component is designed completely in-house and is made by Swiss manufacturers. The first step is a hand-made drawing, which is then converted into a technical drawing and blueprint. The other steps include the prototyping process, the production of a pre-series, the optimisation, and final quality tests. Only the timepieces which pass the high standard test of the brand are put on the market. Bereve provides its products with a three-year warranty all over the world. The company uses only genuine alligator leather that respects CITES requirements for its straps. Bereve also carries out a customization service in order to make a unique, limited edition product according to our customer’s wishes. The company has already provided this service for a long time. Customization consists in different steps that enable the customer to choose materials, design and artistic techniques applicable to the production of their own timepiece. Customers can even draw their own timepiece!