bereve steel case numbers

The case of our timepieces is designed completely in-house. It is made in Switzerland by one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the horology industry. The first step in the manufacturing of our case involves the use of the most innovative computer numerical control (CNC) machines. During the following steps, multiple crucial details are refined using special tools that we had custom-made for Bereve’s watches.
Instead of the standard 316L stainless steel, we use the advanced 316LM steel, a league made with the addition of molybdenum. This material is specifically intended for Haute Horlogerie and is therefore used only by the most exclusive manufacturers. The use of 316LM steel increases the construction quality and enhances the watch’s elegance. After the final steps and the polishing process, which involve a series of treatments and procedures carried out by hand, the 316LM steel acquires its precious aspect and particular resistance to all kinds of scratches and damages caused by impacts and corrosion.

We take great care with the extremely delicate finishing and polishing processes. These steps are all accomplished by hand, in order to further enhance the elegance and uniqueness of the design of the resulting case. The care for these details is the ultimate element which defines the aesthetic identity of our brand. Each of our cases presents a particular geometrical shape on both sides of the case resembling two leaves, a distinctive element of our product.
Bereve only uses selected anti-reflective sapphire glass for the case of its timepieces.